.NetGrid 2.7.0 has been released. New reporting features

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We have released a new version of .Net Grid! This version contains new reporting features and bug fixes.

.Net Suite, v2.7.0 (Build [2012-02-20]

Starting from version 2.7.0 grid functionality has been expanded with reporting and printing features. Programmers get simple and convenient interface for implementing new features and can significantly expand capabilities of target applications.

.Net Grid reporting features

Reporting features:

  • Software control of reporting with full customization support.
  • Possibility of adding any images or text to printed pages.
  • Page spanning: If there are too many fields to fit on one page, the fields can span two or more pages.
  • Repeating headers: to improve document readability the grid can insert headers to every printed page.
  • Reports for top-level headers and child headers with relevant content.
  • Hiding headers in reports
  • Repeating selectors: if content has many columns, the grid can span it over multiple pages. This feature can insert row selector to every page.
  • Print preview feature
  • Portrait or landscape page orientation

The following bug has been fixed:

  • [BUG] .Net Grid wrongly filters the content if two filters (Grid.Filter and Column.Filter) are set simultaneously.

Professionals working with complex systems will surely appreciate our efforts that make the code simpler and improve its reliability. Let’s create the best applications together!


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