.NetGrid v2.8.5 has been released. New features and bug fixes

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The new version includes several bug fixes and new features added to Dapfor’s framework. The following features have been added:
  • [NEW] added new DecimalFormat and a corresponding DecimalFormatAttribute for declarative formatting.
    public class Product
        private decimal price;
        [DecimalFormat(Precision = 3, ShortForm = true, ShowZero = false)]
        public decimal Price
            get { return price; }
  • [NEW] Added new Grid.FocusedColumnChanged event.
  • [NEW] Added a section for grid painting system.
  • [NEW] Added a section for cell highlighting system.
  • [NEW] Added a new example that demonstrates design of Backet component that is used for measuring weight of financial instruments in the basket. Contains detailed explanation of main principles of developing high-performance application with intensive computing operations. Describes specifis of painting system in Windows OS.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • [BUG] The standard editor drop-downs do not appear on the correct monitor, if the main monitor is the right monitor, and the editor is being hosted on a monitor to the left of it.
  • [BUG] The grid didn’t start editing data if nullable types existed.
  • [BUG] If Grid.DataObjects were used, the grid didn’t clear collection on calling Grid.Rows.Clear() method.
  • [BUG] Change of focused columns was displayed incorrectly in FocusMode.Cell focusing mode.
  • [BUG] The grid was hiding some rows when binding data in grid with existing grouping.
  • Minor bug fixes



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